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enjoyIceland is a volcanic island, made almost entirely of lava rock - its oldest layers being about 20 million years old and its youngest since 2011!  So the earth we stand on is constantly changing and developing and we're quite used to the ground stirring regularily under our feet with earthquakes.

With the Icelandic soil rich in volcanic ash it is very fertile. The icelandic flora is that of the arctic countries with a short growing period in the summer, but with the midnight sun shining 24/7 in the summer time the plants grow very potent and powerful as you'll learn and try for yourself during our Healing Plant Introduction where we discover the wonders of local healing plants and herbs.

The Icelandic earth is also hot in many places as we have many geothermal fields with bubbling mudpools and spouting hotsprings. Join us as we boil eggs in hotsprings and unearth delicious homemade hotspring bread cooked slowly in the warm ground!